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Essential oils to combat seasonal allergies

Herbal Healing Essential Oils Herbal Healing Essential Oils

If you suffer from spring allergies, try using these essential oils next time to combat the symptoms of hayfever and congestion.
They can be used by:
  • diffusing into the air
  • adding to your bath or spa products
  • applying directly to the skin diluted (5 drops of oil to 1 ounce of carrier oil)
  • spraying into the air
  • breathing in directly from the container
Top four to try

Lavender – calming and reduces inflammation

Eucalyptus – anti-inflammatory and may help with congestion

Peppermint – reduces inflammation and will help you breathe easier

Lemon – helps to boost alertness and energy; may help to clear sinuses and reduce congestion

Risks and potential complications of using essential oils

Using essential oils isn’t without risk. It’s important to use essential oils as directed and make sure you’re using quality products.

If you have numerous allergies or are particularly chemical sensitive, essential oils can trigger even more allergic responses. You’ll need to talk to your doctor or naturopath before you begin any essential oil treatment.

Keep these points in mind when using essential oils:

  • You may experience allergic reactions to oils, so make sure you use them for the first time cautiously. Test the essential oil mixed in carrier oil on unbroken skin, such as your forearm. If you don’t have a reaction in 24 hours, it should be safe to use. Test each new essential oil, especially if you have a lot of allergies.
  • Never apply the concentrated oil directly to your skin without diluting it in a carrier oil.
  • Don’t ingest essential oils.
  • Use caution when using oils around pregnant and breastfeeding women, children, and especially young children.

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