At Herbal Healing Inc., we believe in the natural healing power of plants and herbs. Our passion is to create high quality, premium products for alternative health and well-being, sourced locally where possible.

Harnessing the healing power of certified organic herbs, herbal extracts, essential oils and natural ingredients, Herbal Healing Inc. creates unique formulas via traditional methods. Whether it’s our loose-leaf herbal tea blends, tinctures, salves or bath and body products, all ingredients are specifically chosen for their therapeutic qualities and preventative healthcare benefits.

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the founder

Hi, I’m Jo-Anne Wilson, a Certified Herbal Therapist who created Herbal Healing Inc. in 2002.

My interest in alternative therapies started about 15 years ago when I had a chronic sinus infection. Constantly congested, I saw a doctor several times who continued prescribing antibiotics, for my symptoms only to return. I had a book on the healing power of herbs and decided to try and treat myself naturally. The book recommended garlic (a powerful anti-fungal) and within two days, my sinus infection had drained away. I continued taking garlic and have not had a sinus infection since.

Although alternative therapies weren’t nearly as popular as they are now, I was always intrigued by the healing power of plants and was convinced there was much more to discover.

my products

My priority is general health and well-being and my primary focus is to formulate and create premium quality products. All of my extensive product line is locally hand-crafted in my kitchen in my shop in Calgary, Alberta.

As I do not use preservatives, my therapeutic herbal tea blends and all natural bath and body products are made in small batches on an “as needed” basis. The products I offer are effective botanical preparations and are guaranteed fresh.

All of my products are handled, analyzed, and supervised by a full-time Quality Assurance Person. Every aspect of all of the products processing, manufacturing, packaging, and labeling is done in accordance with strict quality control and organic handling procedures.

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what others say

All Heal salve

“The Herbal Healing All Heal Salve worked amazingly well on my burn! I applied it twice a day to the burnt area and with a few days it started to close over. Within a week new skin had grown and my burned mark was no longer raw and open. Today, about a month later it hardly looks like anything happened! I don’t believe this wound would have healed nearly as quickly or as perfectly with any other product. I would highly recommend the All Heal Salve.”

Jennifer H.

Calgary, Alberta

Headache Tincture

“I can get brutal headaches and I typically try not to use pharmaceutical remedies because I know how bad they are for your body. I was about to take some drugs due to the pain I was in when my brother suggested I try Herbal Healing’s headache tincture. Literally within 5-10 minutes after taking the tincture my headache was completely gone! I was amazed, felt incredible and it took no time at all.”

Rebecca Singer

Calgary, Alberta