Herbal Healing Therapeutic Teas

Herbal Healing Therapeutic Teas

Therapeutic Herbal Tea Blends

Therapeutic Herbal Tea Blends

natural, delicious and caffeine-free!

Our therapeutic herbal teas are safe and certified organic.
We are licensed by Health Canada.

great tasting therapeutic teas!

We carefully created a line of twelve high quality herbal and therapeutic teas.

loose leaf

Simply put, tea needs room to breathe. To ensure a perfect blend and effectiveness you want the ingredients to be as whole as possible so the medicinal benefits and taste aren’t compromised. Let steep for 10-15 minutes.

100% natural ingredients

Herbal Healing’s teas consist of blends of certified organic herbs only. No other ingredients are added.

federally licensed. canadian owed

Our teas are federally licensed with NPN numbers certified by Health Canada, ensuring safe and effective products. Our teas are blended and packaged in Canada.