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How to protect your skin with natural homemade sunscreen

Looking to soak up some rays now that summer is coming around? Or maybe you're about to embark on that much-deserved vacation in a sunny location.
It can be tempting to slather on cheaply made SPF lotions that claim the ultimate protection, but like all things we put into and onto our bodies, they are inevitably absorbed into our system, soaking up more unnecessary chemicals.
Mainstream branded sunscreens may actually do more harm than good as some health professionals say the chemicals in them can cause hormone imbalance, disrupt the male reproductive system and have even been linked to some cancers. The doctor in this Huffington Post article breaks down the ingredients in everyday sunscreens, explaining why they're harmful, and suggests natural alternatives for skin protection. Natural sunscreens are not absorbed by the skin, but provide a protective layer, blocking out the UV-A and UV-B rays. Look out for natural mineral sunscreens that contain ingredients such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

Contrary to what we're told, these products are not the only way to protect your skin before and after sun exposure.
Create your own
The following oil can be worn as a sunscreen in the day but is also very effective in relieving the drying conditions of sunburn, when exposed during more invigorating types of weather and activities, such as sailing, hiking or skiing.
It is a rather thick oil so be sure to blend the ingredients well.
Après ski, sun, sail and hike oil
  • Chamomile 10 drops
  • Geranium 10 drops
  • Lavender 10 drops
  • Diluted in:
  • Jojoba Oil 1 Tsp (5 ml)
  • Sesame Oil 1 tsp (5 ml)
  • Evening Primrose Oil 1 tsp (5 ml)
  • Sweet Almond Oil 1 Tsp (25 ml)
After a dose of sunbathing, its good use an oil that contains essential oils - it will not only prolong your tan but it will nourish your skin. Apply all over the body after showering or bathing.
After Sun Oil
  • Lavender 10 drops
  • Chamomile 5 drops
  • Bergamot 1 drop
  • Geranium 2 drops
  • Diluted in:
  • Almond Oil approximately 2 ounces (62 ml) and
  • Sesame Oil approximately 2 Tbsp (50 ml)
*Sesame Oil is a natural sun filter and by using it in warm evening baths you will be protecting your skin from the early evening sun and cooling yourself down.
After Sun Bath
  • Chamomile 4 drops
  • Geranium 3 drops
  • Peppermint 1 drop
  • Diluted in 1 Tbsp (25 ml) Jojoba Oil
Dilute the essential oils in the Jojoba Oil and add it all to the bath. While there, gently massage oil over the areas that have been exposed to the sun.

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